Monday, 28 April 2008

Evening Walk

Top:Red Dead-nettle, Bottom:White Dead-nettle

Song Thrush

A nice walk this evening around the fields at the back of Canterbury Bowling Club, failed to turn up any Barn Owls but did produce a surprising variety of other species. At least 16 Song Thrush were seen around the three fields which bodes well for the breeding population within this small area, as does the three singing Skylarks seen. 2 male Linnet sat proudly preening on the wires along the road, male birds certainly do have it hard at this time of year, sing and make themselves look good! 4 Whitethroats supported the large number of this species recorded in Kent so far this year, indicating a successful migration and first year survival from last year. Red and White Dead-nettle were in full colour, along with Cow Parsley, Garlic Mustard, Hawthorn, Field Forgetmenot, Primrose, Greater Stitchwort and Common Vetch.

Greater Stitchwort

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